Sunday, June 12, 2011

We've got a little catching up to do...

Mom and I at SeaTac bright and early excited for Cabo in a few hours :)
Wow! It feels like forever since I have posted.  I will try to give the condensed version then I will elaborate some on the exciting stuff, sound good? So, grab yourself a nice cup of tea or juice or a smoothie, kick your feet up, sit back, relax and enjoy the story :) I hope you like it :)

The trip up to Seattle to meet my mom was nice.  I got to stop in Tacoma and visit my friend Tiffany, we went out for a nice lil hike through the Point Defiance park, very similar to Forest Park here in PDX or Discovery Park in Seattle.  We took her dogs Carbon and Halle and had a very nice time.  Her husband got off work a little early and we were all able to hang out a bit before bed time, THEN he made us blueberry pancakes for breakfast the next morning, YUM! Thanks Jay! The next time you are here I will make some for you ;)

My whole body is in the shade from
my giant sunhat! It's awesome!
Then it was up to Seattle via wonderful Tiff & Jay to my mama's house in Ballard we made last minute errand runs to REI and Whole Foods for various items.  We wanted to bring food with us so we wouldn't have to eat out every night (it worked brilliantly!) pack good (not full of chemicals) sunscreen in the checked baggage so we wouldn't have to use the icky stuff (we were betting that any we found there would be full of chemicals and they were) and exchange some stuff at REI that wasn't working out for some stuff that worked out wonderfully, suck as my awesome white sunhat that has a tie string inside it so it is infinitely adjustable, it is 50 SPF, it is white so it stays cool and reflects the sun, and it is BIG and wide so it actually covers my shoulders too pretty well and that is great cause my shoulders get fried usually.  But I also am a strict sunscreen user and re-applier, so as much as I love the sun I also am safe about it...I figure I've got enough problems to deal with and don't need to add melanoma to the list.
At SeaTac getting ready to find our gate :)
My favorite person I met in Cabo, Fausto
Then it was SeaTac bright and early (5:30am) to catch our connecting flight in LA, and it was first class :) My uncle had so many air miles racked up from his previous job and they were going to expire so he let us use them for transportation for me, my aunt and my mom to and from Cabo San Lucas.  My aunt has a friend who owns a time share at Pueblo Bonito in the Sunset Beach Resort/Spa on the Pacific side of the peninsula, so it was very reasonable and split 3 ways equals next to nothing as far as $!!!  It was absolutely beautiful! I felt like I was on fantasy island or something, it was so pretty! Sunset Beach is really classy and I was very pleased

In the carrito with our favorite driver Fausto.
to be a guest there and hope to be able to do it again in the future. I have never been waited on hand and foot as I was at their resort.  The service was truly wonderful and the staff was so nice.  I met someone named Fausto and he was a carrito driver.  The roads in the resort were windy and steep running up and down the hillside connecting all the buildings, shops, restaurants, pools, cigar bars, lobby, spa, chapel, jewelry store, salon, deli, etc together.  He came to pick us up on the first day of our stay there.  We told him we had just arrived and had not seen around the complex yet and he gave us a wonderful little quick tour! He showed us the peacocks, the flamingoes, the sky pool up at the very top of the mountain that has a 360 degree view, all the other pools and restaurants and shops and pointed out the owners home on a nearby hilltop complete with putting green and heli-pad.  For the entire time we were there whenever he would see me he would say or call out "Hello Laura! How are you today?" ALWAYS remembering my name!  He was so friendly! Fausto, if you are reading this, thank you so much for making our stay in Cabo even more special and friendly because of you and your kindness.  Sending well wishes of health, peace, love and light to you and your family. Keep smiling and making peoples days, you are great at it!

Here are some pictures of the resort and its windy roads that are just big enough for the carrito to fit on with maybe a ped or two on the side.  And a nice picture of the sky pool....ahhhhh
The windy roads of Sunset Beach 
The Sky Pool

I will get you started with this installment for now, it is 2am and even though I am not tired I am going outside for a quick walk around the block so that I may be able to come back and get some sleep.  Amazing what fresh air can do for you.  More soon! And if you are one of the two people still waiting on your mobile (you know who you are) it is coming very very soon...i apologize a million times for my tardiness in getting those completed and out to you.  I have not forgotten though :)