Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another great article about mesothelioma from Allison Kahan

So I must be on a roll today, getting to all those things that I have been neglecting.

I used to work for a municipal water department where we often dealt with asbestos concrete water pipes (yes your water most likely travels through an asbestos pipe, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn't it) so I always had concerns about asbestos.  We had to suit up in these white suits to handle the pipe and always keep it wet so the little particles didn't become airborne and float into our lungs.

This is a great resource and article written by Allison Kahan from Asbestos.com regarding mesothelioma, cancer, nutrition and other therapies that help than just the "chemo" "radiation" route.  These are important to us not only for our direct health benefits, but also important for our mental and spiritual health too which plays a huge role in our recovery and fight against cancer.

I hope you enjoy.  Here is the link to Asbestos.com for you to peruse.

Here is Allison's article, I hope you enjoy it and find it informative.

When Laura asked us to contribute a blog for her website I was more than excited!  Laura’s story is extremely inspiring!  I’d like to start this blog entry by congratulating her on such an impressive and miraculous victory against cancer!  Laura, you are a fighter! But, most of all, you are a survivor!
Cancer comes in many forms, stages, and sizes but some things are the same throughout - the experiences endured are scary and life changing.  Some say it’s situations like this in life that really open our eyes and make us appreciate everything even more than before.   In her “About Me” section that states, Laura asks “Why is it that only when we are faced with death that we truly begin to live?”
Laura was able to beat her battle against cancer by going back to the basics.  She turned her life around by eating organic, non-processed foods; taking supplements; exercising; and focusing on being as healthy as possible.  Alternative therapies are beneficial in coping with all kinds of cancer, not just liver/bile duct cancer like Laura.  Mesothelioma, another rare kind of cancer, has also been known to use alternative therapies to help with the pain and general health associated with this cancer.
Different forms of alterative therapy include:
·       Acupuncture
·       Aromatherapy
·       Chiropractic care
·       Massage
·       Meditation
·       Yoga
·       Supplements
·       Pet Therapy
·       Tens Therapy

Many times, acupuncture and massage are used for mesothelioma patients as “complimentary medicine.”  This kind of medicine is used more to treat the entire person as a whole and not just one problem.  It’s a routine of different therapies that hopefully in combination with one another will help heal the condition at hand.  This is very much like what Laura did to help her body fight against cancer.  Lifestyle changes are becoming even more imperative than just taking medicine and hoping you will get better.  Many doctors are now encouraging their patients to try this type of healing in hopes that it will help in conjunction with the medicines they provide.

Nutrition is not only important for the average person but even more beneficial for cancer patients.  In some cases, nutrition can help improve a patient’s prognosis.  This is not always easy in light of the nausea associated with chemotherapy treatments and/or surgeries.  High protein, nutrient-dense diets are best for mesothelioma patients; they should avoid highly processed foods with sugar and preservatives.  Additionally, taking supplements are also a great addition to the altered food choices.  A few of the most important supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids.  Ginseng, flaxseed, garlic, grape seed extract and St. Johns Wort are a few of the most popular forms of supplements used.

Our website offers an extensive listing of information regarding alternative and complimentary care for cancer patients.  We are constantly updating our Twitter and Facebook with stories and news articles related to asbestos/mesothelioma.


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