Thursday, July 26, 2012

Looking for individuals with terminal illness to document their stories

Greetings and health to you all!

I wanted to share this with you all as it seems like a very important opportunity for those diagnosed with a terminal illness to share their experiences, feelings, thoughts, fears, hopes and uncertainties with the world.  Those of us diagnosed with a terminal illness know just how incredibly hard life becomes in an instant.

I was contacted by an international TV production company that is making a documentary film comprised of short 2-3 minute home videos of those who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  It sounds very promising to me.  I love the idea of sharing the impact that such a diagnosis has on us with the rest of the world.  I plan to participate.  You can either use your home video camera, computer camera, or a video shot on you phone and submit it.  In other words it doesn't have to be fancy or shot by a pro.  It seems like a great step in the right direction to draw attention to how the diagnosis of a terminal illness affects us, as well as a great educational tool for those who have no idea of what it must be like to be told that you have a short time left on this earth.

Here is the email I got, copied and pasted right into my blog.  Now you have the same information I do.  Please consider sharing this with others who might be interested as well.

International TV production company looking for individuals who have a terminal illness to feature in the presentation tape for a TV documentary.
Unique documentary aims to show the thoughts, feelings, experiences, wishes and aspirations of those who have been diagnosed with a terminal condition - told in their own words...

We asking anyone interested to upload 2 - 3 mins of self-shot casting footage via and send to ( using mobile phone / PhotoBooth or small HD camera footage), telling us their unique story.  
Please email sophie at for further details.

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