Friday, September 14, 2012

Pobody's Nerfect!

As I sit drinking my morning cup of green juice made with cucumbers, spinach, celery, carrots, ginger, half an apple, parsley, and a lemon (with most of the peel removed) I am reminded about how much I forget or neglect some things in my life.

Today's post is dedicated to all of us who procrastinate, forget, or are sometimes just too lazy to do certain things.  I am certainly guilty of all of these things.  Procrastination, lets see...I think I am pretty darn good at that.  Sometimes I am on it, but other times I put things off until the very last minute.  Forgetfulness, well lets just say that chemo took care of the short term memory and that there are still moments, entire days actually, lost from my memory as a result of chemotherapy.  And laziness, ah yes, my old pal.  I have never been a lazy person.  Even while on chemotherapy I still got off my butt and got outside and played in the wilderness, rock climbing, hiking, skiing or just sitting somewhere beautiful.  Sometimes, often actually, I get dead tired (again I am attributing this to the chemo and my body healing itself and detoxing the dead tumor matter from my liver) and I sit and do absolutely nothing at all, unless it is to sleep and nap on the sofa all day long.  I forget to take my supplements (or is that laziness, OR is it because I want to stretch them as far as possible because they are expensive) and I often go far too long before I eat anything (the appetite is still in need of improvement), and I know that is not good for a healing body.

Sweet potato chips that went wrong.
Now they are treats for my friends pup :)
What I am trying to get at here is that nobody is perfect.  Why would anyone want to be? What fun would there be in life if we did not learn lessons from our past?  Even though I know that I should be doing certain things, I sometimes don't do them.  Why? I don't even begin to know the answer to that one.  But the most important take away message from this is that even though the going gets rough sometimes and you momentarily forget, procrastinate or get lazy you get back on that horse and ride it right into the setting sun.  Everyone of us (no matter how "perfect" they may seem to others) has our moments of stumbling and stagnation.  It is important though to remember that we need to be honest with ourselves and recognize when our "less-perfect" side is taking over our world and our health.  At this point we can either give into it and let it control our lives or we can recognize it and accept that we can't always be perfect and try again.  Don't let it get you down if you ate an entire box of donut holes last night.  Learn from it and listen to your body.  Really get in tune with how that made you feel.  Maybe it made you feel happy and satisfied at the time but the next morning were you suffering (bloated, gassy and irregular) or did you notice that you slept badly during the night or had weird dreams or even nightmares?  This is your body telling you that you gave it something that it did not need or want.  There is always time to change your habits.  There are always improvements to be made.  Just don't dwell too long on all of the things you want to improve upon so much that it gets you down and contributes to more negative behavior.  We all stumble a bit and that is the way we learn.  We cannot have light without the dark.

Hey! Pobody's Nerfect!


  1. Great reminder! We often have unreasonable expectations for ourselves that we would never impose on others. Your green juice sounds delicious. I will save this post as a reminder to myself, to be more compassionate and to try the juice recipe. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  2. Annabelle,
    It is my pleasure to share my journey with anyone and everyone in hopes that it will help somehow. I am happy that I hit a chord with you today. And yes, we do set exceptionally unrealistic expectations of ourselves don't we? BTW, the juice is exceptionally yummy today!

  3. A good reminder to just relax when we step out of our plans . . . relax, and get back on track. It's a really good question WHY we don't always adhere to what we know is best, but that's just the way it is. Thanks for the reminder not to worry so much and get learn from the experience.

    Those dog treats looks pretty good, too.


  4. Catherine,

    I so wanted to eat those sweet potatoes too. They do look good. Yes, lets relax and release all of those unrealistic expectations but hold onto those healthy ones tightly. Reminders are always a good thing.


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