Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 105

I am now in the double digits!

So I will cut right to the chase.  I know you are all waiting to hear the results of the last CT scan so I'm gonna spill it right here.  Don't get all excited because it is really anticlimactic.  I really was not expecting them to be like "Hey! Where did they all go?  I don't see anything at all."  and they didn' wasn't bad though....

So, it looks pretty much like it did on my last CT scan....Still have cancer, it is still all over my entire liver, three of them even grew...only by a couple of millimeters though and that is not very big.  The good news is that the density of the tumors is less than it was 3 months ago.  My doctor (Shao) and I are taking it as a good sign.  A sign that they are dying, so that is good.  Plus Shao felt my stomach and I have felt my stomach and they definitely feel different than they did.  The place under my ribs is not as large or hard as it was before.  Basically Shao said don't get discouraged by the seemingly bad scan, a couple of millimeters is not much at all and we both know that I am feeling great and that they don't stand a chance :)

So, pretty anti-climactic huh?  I'm cool with it though.  I just got to keep on doing my thing.  I am getting some exercise now so that is great!  I though I was going to go crazy not getting to go out into the woods or mountains, but we went for a hike the other day and I now have my sanity back :)  My dad gets into town this morning from Tennessee (that's where I grew up) and I go to pick him up at 10am.  I can't wait to see him!!!  We have plans to get out into the woods and explore also.  I already have the Bagby Hot Springs in my sights.  My girlfriend Stephanie (Bills) is coming this weekend to meet my Pa and hang out with us.  It should be a great weekend!  Then the fun doesn't stop, as next weekend is my moms birthday weekend and we have big plans for Manzanita that weekend.  I love Manzanita, it is so quaint and quiet for a costal town.

Life is great!  I have been feeling great!  I have so many wonderful people around me.  My "other mama Lynda" at my naturopath and my wonderful nurse Bev at the cancer center both have the most amazing energy.  They are some of the most amazing ladies around.  I am so lucky to have them as my nurses and guardian angels.  They take such good care of me.  Here is a picture of me and Bev.  She is the one that wrote the hiking prescription for me :)  I will ask Lynda if she minds staring in my blog when I see her next so you all can "meet" her too.

I may not get to post for a little while, I will most likely be busy having fun with my dad :)
I love all of you guys and gals and want you to know that I can feel you every day thinking about me.  I love your energy, it is impossible not to heal when you have so many wonderful people praying for you, thinking about you, sending you all this wonderful energy every day.  It is absolutely awesome!  I love it!  Please, please keep it coming!  It is the fuel for my soul and body and it DOES make a difference.
Much love to you all!


  1. How is it that even when it's a good post, you make me all teary-eyed?! I love you, babe!! xoxoxo

  2. I'm so glad to hear those results - definitely an improvement! Have an awesome time with your family and Stephanie! Take care of yourself! :)

  3. Thank you ladies! MUCH much much love!