Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 137

Crocosmia in the yard, I love these!
Hello everyone!

I hope to find you all well and happy. It has been a little while since my last post, I have needed some good down time.  I have been doing a LOT of thinking...a lot.  I've been in my head so much lately.  You guys and gals are in for a doozy of a post today...I feel like the chemo might be catching up with me a bit...the hair is falling out steadily again, and I've just been tired and run down feeling for a while, so as a result, I've been getting a lot of rest :)

Cute purple balls, anyone know what this is?
The chemo gives me really bad acne, the kind that is deep and hurts and now it is on my scalp.  Owie! My scalp is already sensitive from the chemo and the zits are not a bonus. Booooo!  Speaking of sensitive, my forearms have developed a bit of a neuropathy from the chemo as well.  My forearms feel like they have been burned (think sunburn or you put them on the burner on the stove burn) and sometimes even the wind blowing on them hurts.  It is weird I know.   The other thing is that I am having menopause type symptoms (again, result of chemo) and I have hot flashes throughout the day and most often at night.  I all of the sudden get so hot I want to crawl out of my skin, just unzip it like big zipper suit and step right out....ahhhhh...that would be nice.  Then I freeze to death, goosebumps (chicken skin as we call it) and all chattery and needing a blanket, 10 minutes later back to dripping sweat.  Other than that I feel great :)  You know, it could be much worse, so I am not complaining.  Plus I have two of the best nurses in the world taking care of me.  Nurse Lynda and Nurse Beverly I love you both soooo much!  Thank you for taking such great care of me.  Not to mention all of those of you out there sending me healing through Reiki, I love it!  I am also informed that acupuncture works quite well for helping the hot flashes and the neuropathy, good thing I have 8 punches left on my card for our local community acupuncture clinic Working Class Acupuncture.

You must read this book!
I just finished a wonderful book given to me by a friend named Elise.  It is called You Can Heal Your Body by Louise Hay.  It is such a wonderful book! Everyone should read it and keep it for reference.  If you have not heard of it or her you should check it out here.  I have been reading up on how our bodies get cancer in the first place.

1. Our food

I'm talking about the stuff you are not getting at the farmers market or at the organic section of your local community grocery store.  The stuff with words we can't pronounce, all the additives, colorings, chemicals.  Tell me again why we are ok with letting people put this crap in our food?  When did we become complacent and let large corporations tell us that eating Cheezits would be a good source of our daily need for calcuim, or that Cheerios are good for our heart.  Even Campbells tomato soup has high fructose corn syrup as one of the first ingredients!  We are either just plain ignorant or too stubborn to admit that these foods are not healthy for us.  We feed them to our children for crying out loud! Our babies, our toddlers, our tweens and teens and wonder why they can't pay attention in school or why they have ADHD, ADD, IBS, diabetes, or any other myriad of disorders.  Ok, enough of this...Just remember that you are what you eat, literally.  YOUR body is comprised of what you put into your mouth.  So if you think that Twinkies and soda is your thing, and just one a day wont hurt, you might want to think again and read those labels and google those ingredients just to see what they are doing to your body.

2. Things we put on our body/things we breathe.

Oh My! All those chemicals!
At the naturopath
Yep, ladies that lotion you love, that mascara you cannot live without, the coverup, the foundation, the perfume, the shampoo, lipgloss, hair product, eyeliner, eyeshadow, night cream, sunscreen, hairspray, shaving cream, you name it, it has chemicals in it and if you are not already savvy to this information YOU are rubbing those chemicals all over the largest organ of your body, your skin.  All of the pores in your skin are soaking all of those chemicals directly into your body.  So you think, "it is ok, I'm only putting it on my hair and washing it off" but your scalp absorbs more toxins than if you actually ATE the shampoo...That is something to think about.  Same goes for nail polish, it soaks into your nails and into your bloodstream.  Might want to think about these things when you decide that you can't go without mascara/nail polish/lipstick/pomade/makeup/lotion/etc.  Isn't being alive and healthy a lot prettier than being dead or weary and worn and emaciated from chemotherapy???  Basic rule, if you cannot pronounce it, chances are it is a chemical.  If you bought it at Macy's or Nordstrom's chances are it is laden with chemicals.  A lady confronted me in the Goodwill the other day and just started talking to me (weird huh?) and this is what she just walked right up to me and said as pretty as you please..."So I have been wanting to go to Macy's and get some of this cream that is supposed to be good for like if you have aches and pains.   It is supposed to be good for you and natural, it has essential oils in it."  To which I replied, are you talking about arnica cream?  She said she didn't know but that it was great for you because it had all the essential oils in it.  Hmmm.....I might be completely wrong, but I will just take this chance.  I said to her "If they carry it at Macy's it most likely is not GOOD  for you, even if it has essential oils in it, what are the other ingredients?"  I suggested that she look at the other ingredients to see if there were things in there that weren't good for her.  She was in disbelief.  She couldn't possibly imagine that if it had essential oils in it and that if others told her it was good for her that it could possibly be bad.  Isn't this how we all live, just a little?  We are always in a little state of denial about how bad things are really.  Just one soda a day wont hurt, but I LOVE doritos or international creamer in my coffee, or spaghettios or whatever.  But they do hurt.  Try eating all natural and organic and as clean as you possibly can for a month or two then go eat some doritos.  I've done it, I will confess.  It SUCKS! My body was ready to revolt in less than an hour after I ate whatever it was I ate.  My body did not like having all this un-natural stuff.  It was like "okay, now what".  Our bodies do not know what to do with these things like hydrogenated stuff.  It actually screws up our DNA replication processes making cells that are cancerous, ones that don't function to help our bodies at all.  I learned this years ago in high school.  Everyone has cancer, it is just a matter of if it gets to the point that we need to intervene before we die from it.  Some people may never even know that there  is cancer present in their bodies, some, like me, will go through chemo, some might not make it, some will make it better.  So why do we do it?  Why do we live in a state of denial?  Why do we give our hard earned money to companies that poison us and our children?  Why do we think that it will all be ok and continue to eat the way we do?  Why?

Teeny weeny zucchini
3. Our mental health/spiritual health

So, we wake up to the alarm, make our coffee/tea (put lots of sugar/creamer in it), toss down something that is less than desirable for breakfast (donut/sugary cereal/pastry/bacon), shower, run out the door most likely completely unfocused on the road as we drive to work (most likely bordering on being late), we might hate our jobs or our co-workers and watch as the clock seems to tick backwards, waiting for the moment we can flee our confinement.  We scarf down anything we can get our hands on at work (the donuts someone brought/the birthday cake for our co-worker/the little candies the secretary or someone else has on their desk/stuff from the snack machine) then we NUKE our lunch (which is probably filled with chemicals) in the microwave effectively killing any residual nutritional value it had in it from processing, get through our late afternoon slump by another visit to the snack machine/candy bowl.  When we finally get off work we jump back into our cars, drive home as fast as we can cursing people and traffic along the way.  We are too tired to cook a real meal so we order out, or pick up something from the drive thru, maybe we stop at Costco for a pizza or farm raised salmon pre-made meal that you just toss in the oven.  UGH, even writing it out kills me.  This is how a lot of us operate. Stress, stress, stress....unhappiness, tired all the time, run down, can't concentrate, irritable, don't feel good a lot of the time, headaches, stomachaches.  Stress is such a huge contributor to our physical illnesses including cancer.  The Hay's book suggested that cancer is brought about by years and years of harboring resentment and stress towards something.  Some people (including me) are so unwilling/incapable of letting resentment go.  We hold grudges or ill will deep within us literally eating away at our physical bodies.  For real.  Have you ever noticed how many really unhappy people smoke?  This is just one small example that can be applied to many things like over eating/binging/or not eating/drinking/obsessive exercise or low self image.  We just replace our having to deal with it in a constructive and creative healthy way with our need for self destruction for what ever reasons we feel that we need to be bad to ourselves.  Maybe we feel like we are not deserving of happiness or friendships or health.  Maybe something happened in our past that was terrible so we decide that we cannot be happy in the present moment or future moments.  Maybe someone lied to us and now we feel that we cannot trust anyone at all anymore.  Maybe we got hurt so we are afraid that everything and everyone will hurt us.  We harbor those things inside of us and it creates dis-ease within our bodies which manifest as a myriad of illnesses.  Why do we want to treat ourselves this way?  Ask yourself this question, "do you love yourself?" "are you deserving of happiness and love?"  Look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and say out loud "I love myself, I truly love myself and I deserve to be happy and healthy."  I bet it is harder to do than you think it may be.

Ok, enough, ENOUGH!

Teeny weeny cucumber
My naturopath has suggested a new treatment to me and after hearing all the news about it and doing some research on my own (we ALL need to be advocates for our own health by the way, do your research and don't just rely on the doc's, YOU know when YOU feel bad and when something is not right)  I have decided to start taking artemisia.  It is a type of wormwood (tarragon is a type of artemisia) and it has a crazy affect on cancer cells literally killing them from oxidizing the iron in the cells.  Cancer cells have a higher iron content that the surrounding cells, the artemisia creates oxidization of the iron in the cells and conveniently kills the cell as a result without harming any other cells.  Pretty cool huh!?  Here is some information I found on it if you care to read about artemisia and cancer, or if you just want to know what artemisia is.  I am going to be the poster child for this stuff.  Apparently there is someone at the UW medical center that is doing research on this at this very moment.  Pretty cool huh?

I still have not started my sewing project yet.  I have all the best intentions of doing so.  It is going to be an apron.  I figured I would start simple :)

Isn't Pearl pretty with her accessory?
It has been hot and sunny here in PDX and we went to the river (the mighty Columbia) this week and sat on a sand bar and read/sunned it up.  We also brought my kayak and paddled around, it was so relaxing. Paddling is a sort of meditation for me, I just get all caught up in the movements and my mind wanders while I paddle.  It is nice and I wish it was easier to get the kayak up on the car and out to the water because I would do it all the time.
Kayaking on the Columbia

Yesterday we drove all over creation to go rock hounding.  We didn't find much.  We went to this old rock quarry off of hwy 4 waaaay out in the woods.  It was fun breaking up rocks and we did find some interesting pieces of quartz, but if we don't find some really interesting material soon I think that Jeff will not want to go much more with me.  So if anyone out there knows of a place to find cool stuff near Portland or within a couple of hours please let me know.  It would really be fun to find something super cool :)

The road to the quarry
My honey also just made it up this crazy hill with over 3500 ft of vertical on his bike.  He had been working up to it by making two previous training runs.  Congrats baby!  I couldn't, well more to the point wouldn't do it.  I hate riding a bicycle up a hill, absolutely hate it.  I would rather trim my fingernails too short before I did that.

Sorry buddy, you taste too good.  Thank you to the crab :)
I had such a great time with my dad in town, we went hiking and rockhounding and hung out in the back yard playing yard games.  We ate crab and barbequed.  I always love seeing my dad.  He is definitely a go getter, out hiking me almost everywhere we go! Kick ass!
Congrats Baby!

Mother daughter time
An old pic from RC Ridge
I also had a fabulous time with my mama on her birthday.  It rocked! We went to Manzanita and I treated her to a facial for her birthday at Spa Manzanita from Kerry.  Kerry is one of the wisest women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  My mom and I absolutely love her.  When she opens her mouth to speak it is as if her words were meant just for you, it is always something that you needed to hear, a valuable lesson or piece of insight.  Kerry if you are reading this I love you dearly, thank you so much for being you.  Anyway, my mom loved her facial, it was the first one she had ever had and since she isn't much into the touchy feely massagy thing I wondered how she would like it.  She LOVED IT! I knew she would :) especially a facial from Kerry.  Ladies, you really need to check her out.  I would drive all the way to Manzanita just to have my eyebrows waxed by her.

My cute Goodwill dress :)
This week is chemo week.  I don't really even remember how many times I have gone now.  This may be the 12th or so.  I did a stupid thing (there I go with negativity towards myself)....I thought I should postpone last quarters work and slowly get it done over the summer.  Yeah, right!  My ability to focus is pretty much shot.  I bought a card game the other day that looked like a lot of fun to play, it has an extra suit of stars ( I love card games).  I sat down to read the rules and promptly got lost.  What the....?  I guess that even when it comes to fun things I cannot concentrate so how in the world am I ever going to get these classes wrapped up.  I have decided to not worry about it.  heehee....sometimes things just have a way of figuring themselves out.  Maybe this will be one of those things :)

My garden is growing! My garden is growing!
I have teeny tiny cucumbers, all kinds of teeny weeny zucchinis, kale, and bush beans that I will be harvesting for the third time.  Meanwhile the tomatillos and tomatoes continue to grow and bloom.  I can't wait to harvest those!  I love a warm tomato right off the vine, one of my favorite things.  I have interspersed the garden pics throughout this post for your viewing pleasure :)  This is only my second ever garden, hence all the excitement.

I love my San!
Next weekend is my 20th high school reunion!!!
Now I have never been one to get excited about these types of things but I am so super excited about this one.  I am very excited to get to see some people I haven't seen forever except for on facebook (yes, I am a facebook junkie).  My friend of 24 years is coming into town from LA and I absolutely cannot wait to see her! Jennifer and I have had many many experiences together, she probably knows me as well as I know myself or maybe even better.  San, I love you!  I am expecting her visit to be wonderful.  I have not seen her for a couple of years, I miss my friend.

Ok everyone, sorry it took me so long.  I guess I really needed a mental break or at least the feeling of no obligations for a while.  You all PLEASE take care of yourselves and remember to please read those labels on your food and body products.  There are so many ALL NATURAL alternatives out there that are just as good if not better than the chemicals you are currently using.  Just ask me if you have any questions about anything or any products I use.  I have pretty much found all natural products to replace every one of those chemically products I used to use, even cleaning products.  I do not even like to have chemicals in my home any more.  And remember just because some large corporation says that something is "HEALTHY"  or good for you or a good source of vitamin A or calcium or whatever, please take the time to see if if is also a good source of DISEASE as well.  Maybe you can find another option.
Kale in the garden

In the meantime, much, much, much love and peace and health to all of you. So much!  May you be blessed with good health, great friends, and all the peace and love you deserve.

The Cancer Assassin


  1. Awesome mega-post, Laura! So good to have an update and a sense of your energy~ I've been sending you distance Reiki, hoping that you are taking good care of yourself. But how could I doubt it? You are wise!

  2. Laura, you always have the most beautiful pictures of the outdoors. Glad to see you're out enjoying the summer sunshine! What's funny is that I just started reading Louise Hay's book too. What a coincidence! I'm glad that you mentioned all the toxins there are in "beauty" products. I've been trying to switch over to more natural brands - anything good that you recommend? Sending you healing energy and good vibes! :)

  3. Laura, how are you doing now? I miss your posts! I'm sending thoughts and prayers for you.