Friday, August 19, 2011

Some News!

My apologies for the lengthy delay in posting, however I have been having so much fun lately! My trip with my mom and my aunt to Cabo catapulted me into summer vacation mode.  I have spent more time lately away from internet and phone service than I have spent within service areas and more time in the Westy than in my own bed at home and that is definitely a good thing!

I have mostly been home for appointments, both chemotherapy and my nutritional IV's.  Some sweet angel (I'm not naming names but THANK YOU SUSAN!) generously put $200 on my account at the Center for Traditional Medicine and that pays for more IV's and some vitamins that I cannot get on Amazon such as Maxiflav.

9000' on Mt Hood Cooper Spur
So I went to my regularly scheduled chemotherapy appointment on Tuesday.  I had a scan just the day before (Monday) and Dr Shao rushed the results so that we would be able to read them during my appointment.  Someone went home without finishing their work that night and we only got to see the images without any official report on size etc.  The images told the story though.  The tumors are still visibly shrinking (not so much anymore though) so that is great news! I had my routine chemo and came home feeling pretty toxic from Monday's CT contrast and from the toxic chemo cocktail on Tueaday.  I am pretty sure I slept most all day yesterday finally getting up to fix some food at about 4 or 5pm.  I was wiped out! Wednesday afternoon in between slumbers I get a call from Dr Shao.  I am expecting it is him telling me the official results of the scan since we didn't get to see it the day prior.  But it wasn't, it was much better!
He has been speaking to a surgical oncologist named Dr. Serene Perkins (check her out, I've provided a link) who has become very familiar with my records and condition.  She happens to be a specialist in bile duct and liver cancer as well as a transplant specialist.......hmmmm......sounds good to me!
Cooper Spur
Awesome poppy field somewhere in northern Utah
Dr Shao explained to me that he thinks I have received most all of the benefit I can from the chemotherapy and thinks that this is the next logical step.  I have an appointment on Monday to speak with her about what she has in mind.  I will keep you all posted!  The thought of surgery scares me, really scares me.  But the thought of having the cancer gone, my liver healed, my health recovered, and a new shot at the most healthy life anyone has ever lived not taking even one second for granted!

YOU all have been my support, my scaffolding upon which I draw my strength. You all help me out when I am penniless and in need of medication so that I can feel somewhat like a "normal" person.  You give me that strength to get up the challenging rock climb and it is your voices and prayers that I hear whenever I am not certain about the future or when I am feeling like death is lurking nearby.  Thank you so much!

In Mazama :)
This is one of my favorite "feet" pictures ever! I love watching the change in the landscape on long road trips.  The geology of our country is pretty awe inspiring and I am so glad I had a chance to see it again! I will be going back for sure!

Awesome secret "locals" swimming hole in Moab.
I crammed myself into the Twirlybird and only since looking at the pictures have figured out that it most likely really worked! I shoulda put some money in it!

The delicate arch in Moab.  Beautiful!

Me and my fire...I love to build a campfire! We cooked sweet potatoes and fresh corn roasted in the husks for dinner this night. Who says road food has to be bad food? You just have to be creative!

Stoic Clark at the beach.

The BEST (and maybe only) thrift store in Moab!
Joe Wilson Arch

On the rail to Cooper Spur

The awesome Mr Stewart and me
Here are some of the pictures from my latest adventures.  Since Cabo I have been on a road trip with my mom to see my good friends the Stewarts in Newport WA, on to Montana, into Idaho, Utah, Nevada, then back home through Oregon.

Jeff and I also spent a week up in Mazama near Winthrop and Twisp, WA.  It was beautiful and we had the campground to ourselves for 3 or 4 out of 5 or 6 days we were there! It was climbing heaven! It was also so peaceful and beautiful! The little swing I found out in the middle of the woods near a trailhead.  I expected to see fairies!

Strong and Healthy!
Next was a trip to Leavenworth, WA for some more climbing.  Once again climbing heaven! One of the only people in the campground most of the time we were there (all of the other campgrounds were almost full, but no one caught on to our little secret!).

There are days that I feel like doing nothing at all, days I don't have the energy to even make food for myself or get up long enough to do just about anything.  Then there are those days that I feel great! On those days I get out and take it all in, the smells, sights and sounds.  I want to hold it close and never, ever forget it.


  1. Looks like you are having a really great vacay!! I love the pix. Glad for the tumor shrinkage. While surgery is daunting, you are right: you want to do the best thing you can for your health.

    Sending healing thoughts your way.

  2. What a great trip - loved the photos! I too want to hold it close and never, ever forget it... really resonated with me. Best, Sarah

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