Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I am going to write a more lengthy post about this a little later this week but for now I just have to share my news to those of you who may not have heard yet.

After my appointment with Dr Perkins the surgical oncologist on Monday I had another PET scan on Wednesday and an appointment with a radiological oncologist named Dr Jason Bauer who was planning to administer Yttrium-90 direct radiation beads the size of a grain of sand through a catheter, about the size of a human hair, inserted into my groin and threaded through veins and such into my liver.
He came into the exam room, introduced himself and immediately began complementing me on how great and healthy I looked in spite of having extensive and aggressive stage IV cholangiocarcinoma.  He commented that he was close in age to me as well as Dr Perkins (the surgical onc).  He was basically in awe.
Then it happened. He got all serious and told me that he really wished he could help me with his miracle treatment but he just can't.  The reason he can't is because the PET scan (this makes the only one I have had since my first diagnosis last March 24, 2010, yes that's right LAST YEAR) shows that I have


So what does this mean??? it means that I am officially 


One and a half years ago I was given about 6 months to 1 year to live.
One and a half years ago I was given a 20% chance to live 5 years.
One and a half years ago my life changed forever.
My priorities became very clear.
Life became very simple yet unimaginably complicated all in the blink of an eye.

Even though it was Friday when I got this news I am still in shock.  It is still sinking in.
I have my regularly scheduled chemo and appointment with my oncologist tomorrow so perhaps it will seem more official then.
I am still going to get chemo for a while to make sure all those  bastards are completely fried and that there isn't one little cell that is still clinging to life to turn into full blown tumors again.

The reason they haven't found this out yet is because they haven't done a PET scan, they figured they didn't need to...the cancer most likely hasn't spread due to the nature of CC and the CT scans showed that they were always shrinking AND no one and I mean NO ONE just cures themselves of severe cholangiocarcinoma EVER and especially in 1.5 YEARS!!!

Everyone is flabergasted, floored and shocked.  They all want to know "What did you do?".
I told them, you all know what I've been doing.  Eating right (no chemicals, no processed foods, organic always, limiting or eliminating all together dairy, and animal proteins, juicing) taking supplements and vitamins, getting nutritional IV's, getting exercise as much as possible when I feel good, HAVING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE, not meaning I am always happy, meaning I always try to find something good, some positive in every situation no matter how crappy it is and how hopeless it feels and how alone and abandoned and scared you are and no matter how it seems and feels like the ENTIRE UNIVERSE is conspiring to your disadvantage, and no matter how much I sometimes HURT both physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc I just never EVER gave up, EVER!

I also have an amazing support network, very loving friends and family, kick ass, state of the art, cutting edge doctors on my side.

I made these changes in less than a month.  I didn't have the time or luxury to do it gradually.

More later, I LOVE you all and wish you all the happiness and health in the world.

The Cancer Assassin


  1. Laura that is so friggin AWESOME!!!!!!! I am so happy and proud of you!!!!!!
    You are living proof girl... proof that eating natural healthy foods, connecting with nature (cuz I saw you did a lot of connecting with Earth), and most important of all... using the power of your mind and spirit can improve your health. I'm sure the meds helped... but I believe everything else YOU did had a far greater impact on healing your body! WTG!! Not many people can utilize their personal power like you did... you are a true inspiration and hero.
    Much LOVE and HUGS!!

  2. I'm crying I'm so happy right now. You go girl! I am so proud of you for supporting your system and healing your spirit while going through chemo. I know that made all the difference. What a beautiful gift! Go out and celebrate, drink your carrot juice, and know the Universe has your back.

  3. Oh Laura! This is such wonderful news. I'm in tears. When John was diagnosed with CC, a doctor told me something I will never forget. He said that for every type of cancer, no matter the stage, no matter the location, someone, somewhere has lived through it. You, my dear friend, are LIVING PROOF. You are amazing. Thank you for carrying this wicked torch and kicking cancer's ass. Cancer can certainly suck it.

  4. Thank you so much you Shanna and Kim!!
    I am still in shock and feeling much like the luckiest girl in the world!

  5. Laura,

    I'm thrilled for you!! This is wonderful news worth celebrating.

  6. Laura,

    Congratulations! This is such wonderful news! I am in tears right now - I am SO happy for you! I've always believed in the power of good food and green veggies, but you have inspired me so much with your positive attitude, commitment to health, and strength to survive.

    You are amazing! :)

  7. You ladies are also very amazing and so incredibly inspiring to me!
    Much love, I couldn't do this without you, well, It would not be anywhere near as fun, and incredibly harder than it is already.
    Much love!!! and HEALTH!

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