Thursday, February 9, 2012

CA19-9 tumor marker test

I got the phone call 2 days ago, the reminder call that I had an appointment with my oncologist today.  I had planned to go skiing but I hadn't been to the oncologist for nearly a month so I felt that it was important to go.

When I arrived I was told that the doc wasn't in today and I would only be getting a lab test done.  My appointment with the doc wasn't until next week.  Thinking it would be silly to get stabbed twice for blood draws I asked what all the hubub was about.  The receptionist then told me that I was scheduled for a CA19-9 tumor marker test today.  It is the first one of these tests I have ever had.  I have had another type of tumor marker test (AFP I think) but that was long ago.  I find it interesting that I am just now getting this test, but hey, I am glad I am getting it.

I have an appointment next week to see the doc and discuss the results of the test and to schedule a PET scan.  I was told by the nurses that I could call in tomorrow to get the results of the CA19-9 test if I wanted to.  You better believe I am!  I will keep you all posted.  I am certain that it will be good news! Focus, focus, focus! Good news!

Many healthy blessings to all!


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