Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 34

And all is well...

I went to Hawaii, it was AWESOME! We are gonna book more tickets and go back again this summer/fall. Beautiful! We went snorkeling, Stand Up Paddling, Jeff went surfing (I watched), hiking, swimming, ate a bunch of pineapple, papaya, coconut, and little apple bananas. No mango for me (can't stand mango). Got to meet about half of Jeff's family which was really nice and got to relax on the beach a bunch.

On last Friday I had an appointment with an oncologist at OHSU specializing in GI cancer. She was super informative, communicative, and nice. They have this conference on Tuesdays where they discuss their new patients (like me) and their cases. All different specialities are in the room (surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, etc) and they are going to be discussing me at tomorrow's session. I have been told that I could be a candidate for liver transplant as long as my lymph nodes are cancer free. One of them showed up as enlarged in the PET scan, but no one saw any cancer in there. Jeff just bought me a rebounder (little round exercise trampoline) that is supposed to be great at draining your lymph nodes. Unlike our muscles releasing toxins from our body through exercising them the lymph nodes do not have any way of getting rid of the toxins except for a "bouncy" type of exercise (running, hiking, bouncing...get the picture) like the rebounder. They say that 10 minutes on the rebounder is better than 30 minutes of running. More toxins get released and the impact on your body is better etc. I am also getting my hands of this cream called Keeping Abreast of It! and it is good for helping to drain your lymph nodes as well. I am just trying to keep them healthy so I can get me a liver soon :)

I begin chemotherapy (cancelled my other appointment as I just wasn't sure about it yet) on Wednesday. Once a week for 3 weeks, then 2 weeks off, 3 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 3 weeks on, then I'm done for a while. Ryan's girlfriend Lauren said to me "Just look at it like this. Sometimes very depressed people need a drug to help them be able to help themselves then they can dump the drug as they are on the road to healing."


I hadn't considered it this way before. It made sense to me and I now feel much better about things. I think that the combo of western/modern medicine and natural healing can compliment each other, especially when you really don't have much time to f@ck around in the first place.

I fired my crackpot naturopath. I swear it felt like he was trying to kill me and sell the rest of my good organs on the black market. I am in the process of fining another. Not a whole lot going on this week so I might be able to get an appointment soon.

Jeff and I spent the day at Lowes and the Home Depot. We are constructing a raised garden in our back yard (picture coming soon), so we bought soil (not dirt and yes, it is organic), and some boards for the boarders, a ladder to trim our bushes and trees, two air purifiers (one little one for the bedroom and a big one for the main area). Got to have clean, healthy air. We also bought a little outdoor fire cauldron so we can sit on our patio by the fire and feel like we are camping....YES!!!!

I am psyched to find another place in PDX where I can get a yummy meal free of dairy, soy, sugar and well...ok it does have meat, shrimp, but I also found out that I can eat shrimp so YAY!!!! Coconut rice with black beans and fresh made salsa with two small little shrimp tacos with fresh cabbage, red onions, tomatoes, and cilantro. Found it at Roots Brewery, only the best brewery ever. I'm not drinking anymore but I was the designated driver (a little duty I am assuming that I will have to get used to) so I got to watch everyone else enjoy the beer. Honestly I do not even miss it anymore. I don't even miss sugar really anymore either. I find that I am liking a lot of things that I never used to like, such as ginger. I used to HATE ginger, well except for ginger snaps. Now I love it and even in the strongest amounts can barely even taste it where it used to completely overpower my little taste buds and make my throat hurt. Strange huh?

I am also going to be spending some time looking at some different retreat/healing center/institutes such as the Kushi Institute in California. I feel the need to go away for a couple of weeks and meditate, relax, get healthy, and focus on nothing but myself for a while (no cats, no dogs, no laundry, no dishes, no cleaning......nothing). I think it would do wonders for me.

Ok, enough for now. I will post more when I know what came of the meeting at OHSU. I gotta go make a shot of wheatgrass juice and a green juice. Stephanie (Bills) is in town and when she gets here (anytime now) her, Jeff, and I are going to get some tacos at Roots.

OH! I am going to be posting a "wish list" soon of some things (books, appliances, etc.) that I would love to purchase but there isn't enough money for them. If you have any of the mentioned things lying around feel free to send it my way :) List coming soon.

Thank you for all of the beautiful cards, letters, notes, DVD's, books, and research! They inspire me every day and I am constantly thinking about how many wonderful people there are in my life and how lucky I am to know every single one of you.

Much love, peace, and light to everyone!

cancer can suck it

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