Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 37


Chemotherapy yesterday wasn't so bad while it was happening, then last night I got a rush of energy (mentally not physically) and stayed up working on my wish list until past midnight.

Today is a different story. I woke up at about 4am with my stomach hurting and that feeling known so well to chemotherapy patients of the overwhelming urge to purge. My oncologist said that if I can keep the first one from ever happening then I will have a much better time with the other treatments. So I guess the rule is DONT TOSS YER COOKIES LIL DARLIN :)

I have been on the couch most all day long sleeping, only getting up to pee. One of the drugs, cisplatin, is hard on the kidneys so I have to constantly drink water to keep them flushed out and safe and sound. This is pretty much the only reason I get off the couch, well, ok, I lied...I did take a nice hot epsom salt bath with lavender and patchouli essential oil while burning my healing chakra candle and envisioning all dis-ease leaving my body. Good stuff.

Big happ's today!!! I met my friend Carl at US Bank at 10:30 this morning and he has successfully set up a fund for me to help me pay my gigantic mountain of doctors bills, lab tests, scans, and prescriptions that multiply exponentially every day. So anyone can go to any US Bank Location and give them my name, Laura York, and make a contribution to the cancer fund. Thanks Carl!!! I haven't figured out how to link it to Pay Pal yet but as soon as I have it I will put it up here on The Cancer Assassin.

One more thing has been coming up a lot and it seems that there are a lot of my wonderful friends and family out there who are offering to donate part of their livers to me. This is so incredibly unselfish and sweet and I sincerely thank you from the very bottom of my heart and the core of my being. You are all wonderful and so very special.
I do have O+ blood, but alas, pieces of livers unfortunately will not help me. The only thing that will possibly work is an entire liver transplant and that is not looking quite so good, but then again I haven't exhausted all of my options on that one and after all, what you focus on expands and I am not going to focus on not getting a liver.

That is just about it for today. I am so very tired and am going to drift back off into LaLa Land.

Much love peace and light to you all, eat right, stay healthy, drink lots of water, exercise, and if man made it DONT EAT IT, and oh yes, as usual....

cancer can suck it!


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