Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 346 Exciting things! And some not so exciting :(

Only 19 days until my 1 year Cancerversary (March 24).

Kris Carr & I at her book signing
 I got to meet my mentor Kris Carr at her book signing for her new book Crazy Sexy Diet, Eat your veggies, ignite your spark and live like you mean it! You can pick up your copy at one of the last independent bookstores that is local here in PDX at Powells Books or at Amazon. It is such a great book and everyone would benefit from reading it, not kidding ( I wouldn't do that to you).
From just the few moments we had available to chat I could tell that Kris was completely down to earth and approachable as well as sincere and kind.  It was so rejuvenating and re-inspriring to meet the person who, nearly a year ago, filled me with such hope and determination to kick some cancer ass.  The Cancer Assassin was born out of the teachings and wisdom found in the pages of Kris Carr which is also the same wisdom available to anyone who cares to seek it.  I would highly recommend that you do, for your own health and to stay cancer free or to manage cancer if you already have it and help eliminate it from your body.  You can also find the link to her awesome blog and an Online Community of Wellness Warriors there too.  They are all awesome resources and I use them nearly every day.

Lover's Beach
Cabo, I'm coming soon!
My mom and aunt and I are going on a 7 day vacation in Cabo San Lucas! WooooooHoooo! My uncle was generous enough to give us his air miles so we get to go for free! Thank you Uncle Casey and Aunt Annette! YOU ROCK!
I have only been out of the country one other time (I'm not counting all the times I've been to Canada) and that was back in 2005 or so and a friend of mine and I went to Nicaragua for 10 days.  It was so much fun! and so cheap too! I remember how friendly all the natives were, how warm it was and how pretty it was.  Yep, I can't wait for May.

My dad's house at the top of the hill
My father has put his home in Tennessee on the market! 86 beautiful acres secluded in the middle of the woods in central Tennessee about 6 miles from Kentucky.  Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!  He has already had a couple come to look at it 3 times! But what is even cooler is that the people who are looking at it have been into herbs and curing cancer with herbs for over 30 years! Now tell me that this is not meant to be.  Dad, I will see you in a few months when I'm accompanying you on the trip back to the Northwest :) Here is the listing. Check it out, better yet, BUY IT :)
Jeff and I after an awesome day on the slopes!

Hope on the Slopes at Crystal Mountain is
happening on March 12, 2011 all day long.  It is a ski benefit and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society to help find a cure for cancer.  As everyone knows Cancer Can Suck It! in my opinion.  Those of us out there, like myself and so many others,  who are living with cancer AND those who have yet to hear the words "You Have Cancer" depend so heavily upon the donations and support of their friends, family and complete strangers both financially, emotionally and often physically.  Being a full time healing junkie is an extremely hard thing to do and every little bit helps and goes such a long way. You can click on Hope On the Slopes to make a donation to the American Cancer society and help Team Cancer Assassins race for a cure for cancer.  You can even join our team "Team Cancer Assassins" or sign up individually to compete for awesome prizes and raise money for a good cause.  Wont you join me? Lets take a run together :) Or just come on up and have some fun, you can even hear me speak at the event as the honorary guest speaker/survivor! Pretty cool huh?!

Knowing how important my community is to me and all of us I am calling on you, my community, to help me now.  I have big ideas for The Cancer Assassin and with a little help from all of you our there in the world, my support group, fellow wellness warriors, and healing junkies, my wonderful circle of friends and family those friends and family I have yet to meet, I can make it happen!
I want to turn this into a wellness hub full of resources and research that I have done over the past year.  I wan to help those people out there who have just been told "you have cancer" lighten their overwhelmingly heavy load.  They already have enough on their mind just coming to terms with their diagnosis.  I also want to help those who are not diagnosed with cancer keep from ever having to hear those fateful words.  I want to make either or this blog that place (or perhaps even another site who knows...)  This is where I need your help.  I need your questions...Do a little thinking and let me know what it is that you want to know about changing to a healthy, green lifestyle.  Would you like to know what products I use? What my favorites are?  Links to places that carry them or that show the chemicals in your beauty and home products .  I want to build this around what people out there want to know and also tell them what they don't already know :)

The next thing I want to do is to sell these beautiful mobiles
Driftwood Mobile
 at the Last Thursdays on Alberta Street.  I make them myself :) out of driftwood, shells, beach glass and other trinkets.  They are much prettier in real life than in this photo.  I will try to get a better photo of one   If you would like one, send me an email $25 gets one shipped right to your door! How can you beat that? I am coming up with more ideas all the time, so give me a little time and you might just find something pretty cool :)

I finished my business cards.

My business cards
What do you think? I am currently working on some flyers to hand out along with my cards during the last thursdays events and at the Hope on the Slopes event at Crystal Mountain On March 1, 2011.  My hope and dream is that eventually I can raise enough money (selling the mobiles and finding investors) to open a much needed business here in Portland and in my neighborhood...drumroll please......a juice bar!  I haven't decided if I would like to open a juice bar at a specific location on Alberta or if I would like to have one that travels around to places like the Cancer Center chemo room so I can make healthy, life giving green juice for those undergoing chemotherapy....or to the Center For Traditional Medicine where my naturopath is located to make fresh juices for the patients and staff there. Who knows what can happen :)

NOT SO EXCITING NEWS :( and other distractions

My old job at the city of Redmond, replacing a fire hydrant.
I can't sleep....It is once again 2:30 in the morning and I am up typing on this blog.  2:30 has been trying to tell me something it seems.  I used to be such a morning person.  I was always up by about 6 or 7am; and loving my quiet time to slowly unfurl out into the world at my own pace.  I was usually the most productive in the mornings getting all kinds of stuff done and mental clarity, sheesh! The mornings were the time I could do some of my best thinkin'!  I got so much schoolwork done.  I used to start work at 7:30 in the morning when I worked for the City of Redmond (WA) and by the time most people were just getting to work the rest of the crew and I had already saved the city several times :)

I have done some research and found that I can save myself about $150 each month by purchasing most of my supplements online rather than at my naturopath.  Here are all the supplements I take:

Supplement/$ Manufacturer
Maxiflav/ $48.20 Scientific Botanicals Inc
CuraMed/ $92.95 Terry Naturaly
Shark Liver Oil/ $39.95 Scandinavian Formulas
Liver Support/ $48.20 Vital Nutrients
Pure Lean Nutrients w.Metafolin Pure encapsulations/$49.50
Oncotonin/Liposomal melatonin Cardiovascular Research Ltd
Detox Formula/$46.10 Vital Nutrients
Vitamin D3-5000IU/$25.80 Pure encapsulations
UltraPotent-C 1000/$27.80 Metagenics (.com)
UltraClear Plus/original flavor Metagenics (.com)/$47.40
Mycelized Vitamin A/$18 Metagenics (.com)
Selenium/ $16.75 Scientific Botanicals Inc
Artemesenin/ $58.80 Allergy Research Group
Seriphos/$27.80 InterPlexus Inc (
Cortisol Manager/$58.50 Integrative Therapeutics Inc
HRT Plus/$40

Jeff & I at the naturopath
Many of these (such as Shark Liver Oil, Maxiflav, Curamed, Artemesenin, Liver Support, Cortisol Manager and Detox Formula) I have to purchase 3 bottles every month since I take so many, with refills on supplements my total cost for the month just for supplements (this doesn't include the nutritional IV's that I get once each week @ $120each) hover around $1200/mo! So my total-ish for a month at the naturopath is $1680! Yikes! No wonder the savings account is getting very empty very quickly.  At this rate I will only be able to continue going to the naturopath for one more month.  I am certain that something will work itself out (perhaps I should buy that lottery ticket) and I cannot afford to spend my precious energy on stressing about money.  I will however set any of you up with the information you would need if perhaps you wanted to send a bottle of supplements my way in the mail :)  I really, REALLY hate asking for support but I am putting this out there to the universe and seeing what comes of it :)  I could not even begin to imagine how horrible I would be feeling if I was not going to the naturopath.  Many of the things they have me doing is alleviating the side effects of the chemotherapy (low red/white blood cells, low platelets, low magnesium etc) and the rest of the stuff I do there is to directly affect the cancer cells, killing them.  So it is vitally important that I continue to go to the Center For Traditional Medicine.  I have also set up another ChipIn account at the bottom of this post in case anyone is feeling a little generous :)  Just a little goes a LONG LONG way and is so very much appreciated!

Gotta end on a happy note, right? :)

So, I am in the process of a project and I am hoping that with a little input from you it will become big!
I want to change around The Cancer Assassin page a bit, it may be this blog or it may turn out to be the website The Cancer Assassin.  Which ever it is I really want to hear from you.  My plan is to make it a place where I can share everything I have researched in the past year about how to be an advocate for your own health and wellbeing as well a my favorite products list (room by room) and links to other sites and databases where one can go to assess the toxicity of your products or to find new products or to share recipes and stories or what-ever it is that makes us happy and healthy healing junkies.  So, tell me what you want to hear, what to you want to know?  Feel free to email your responses to .
I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Cancer Can Suck It!


  1. So much exciting news here Laura. Here's hoping the chipIn contributions pile up. You deserve it my lady.

  2. Thanks Kim!
    I loved your last post (well I really love them all) but it really has me thinking a lot and I like to think sometimes when chemo head allows for it :)
    You take good care and I am wishing you and the other patrollers the best of luck finding Melby. I so wish I was there to help.
    Cancer Can Suck It!

  3. Laura,
    I can't believe you got to meet Kris Carr! She is an amazing author and seems like such a great person!

    You are such a light and inspiration to us all. I'm so proud of everything that you have accomplished in this last year. I love the idea of you starting a website and continuing to share your wealth of knowledge. You have not only worked so hard to heal and take care of yourself, but have been an amazing ally and resource for others.

    Take care of yourself, Assassin! :)