Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm an anomaly...great! Someone told me that ALL miracles are anomalies!

Well, the appointment with my oncologist Dr Shao was a little disappointing and bubble bursting...
He is not convinced that all of the cancer in my liver is dead.  His comment was that CC is super slow growing so it is not surprising that it did not show up on the PET scan.  I am all in agreement that I would much rather be safe than sorry so I am continuing to get my normally scheduled chemotherapy treatments every other week (although I do have a 3 week break right now, woot!) and in 3 more months we are going to do another scan to see whats going on.
In the meantime, I will be speaking with all 3 oncologists to see why each one has a differing opinion...That will be interesting.

So I guess that that piece of paper from the official PET scan report that said "IN REMISSION" was just a teaser after all....It is NOT official yet....But in my mind I KNOW that I am kicking some cancer ass.  Just because they have never seen anyone react so positively before and just because NO ONE has ever cured themselves from stage IV INCURABLE, INOPERABLE cholangiocarcinoma, my job has suddenly gotten a lot harder.  Not only now do I have to kick cancer ass, but I also have to convince the medical world that it can be done.

I've got a message for them and for stupid cancer.

I AM JUST THE WOMAN FOR THE JOB! some (most) believe it can't be done, that is my motivation to prove them wrong

My mom knows this well enough...

If you want me to do something, DON'T keep asking me to do it
If someone tells me 1 million and one reasons why I can't/shouldn't/it wont work/you'll never make it/etc then you are damn straight that I will make it my personal mission to prove them wrong.  This is no exception.

Like I have said before,

Cancer Can Suck It!

...and by the way, it has been quite the emotional roller coaster hasn't it?


  1. Laura,
    Keep us posted on the responses from the oncologists. If the PET scan this week isn't convincing then what will a PET scan in three months tell your oncologist? Is she looking for consistency? What would it take to convince her? Ask her specifically what would PROVE to her that the cancer was officially in remission. That way you'll know what you have to do to prove it. Keep up the positive attitude. This is great news. But cancer never wants to release its talons so easily. It will just take a little more time.

  2. I knew that "remission" was a very tricky word and to not be too overjoyed at it....I agree...what is a PET scan going to show in 3 months, especially IF the cancer is dead...That is the million dollar question. It was a little bit disappointing that my onc. was not as excited as I had hoped he would be, but then again, just like a book I read in grad school called "The Impossible Will Take a Little While."
    I guess I need to shift my focus now from assassination of cancer cells to assassination and disappearance of them...No biggie :)

  3. Go get 'em, girl! You're entering new territory, but you're entering with determination. I think this is great news. Keep us posted.


  4. Hi Laura,

    I just read your comment on Nancy's Point and wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and sending tons of positive energy your way and some virtual hugs. I look forward to hearing how you are doing and will be back here (your blog) to stay posted.

    All the best,
    (aka: Cancerfree2b)

  5. Laura, I'm just catching up on blogs and came across your news. How frustrating, not to mention scary, dealing with conflicting opinions. I love your attitude and do believe you're just the girl to kick cancer's butt. Cheering you on.

  6. Thank you so much for all of your inspiration, cheers and well wishes, they really mean a lot to me, more than you will ever know.
    Many blessings!

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