Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exercise and Cancer: A great article written by David Haas

I must say I have had this article for a few months now, meaning to post it but just either forgetting to or having so much going on in my life that I didn't.  Today is the day!

A blogger friend sent this to me and it is so very true and actually a great resource for those who are struggling with cancer.  I want to also say that I know first hand that it is hard to always get exercise, especially when you are not feeling good from treatments etc.  But it is so very important.  There will always be those days when you cannot peel yourself off of the bed/sofa but that is OK.  On those days where you do feel good enough to get up try to get even a little exercise.  Go for a walk, do a little yard work or house work.  Even the smallest of things can get your body moving and feeling good or at least a little better.

And for those of you out there who haven't been diagnosed, exercise is just as important! It helps prevent cancers or at least keeps you healthy so that your body is able to fight it off. Keeping ourselves as healthy as possible (cancer or no cancer) is oh so important to our overall health.

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.  Kudos to you David and thank you for sharing this important piece of information with us all!  I have also posted a link to David's blog for you to enjoy.

The Power of Fitness

According to research presented by the National Association of Physical Activity and Health, an active lifestyle may prevent cancer deaths in men. Similar studies suggest the same is true for women with certain types of cancer. In fact, the American Cancer Society contends that exercise, even in small amounts, may be beneficial. As helpful as a fitness routine may be, it is not meant to be a substitute for regular cancer treatments.

Exercise may help with some of the possible side effects of some types of cancer such as lung cancer,
liver cancer, breast cancer, and even a rare and usually terminal cancer such as mesothelioma. Even just walking around may prevent blood clots in the legs. Exercise may also reduce fatigue in cancer patients. Patients who exercised on a regular basis before their diagnosis should continue to do so after their diagnosis with consent from their doctor. Many doctors believe that exercise can help improve one’s life expectancy.  For example, Mesothelioma life expectancy is typically 1-2 years after initial diagnosis, but some patients live five years or more from the time they were first diagnosed. A European study found a link between reducing consumption of red meat and a reduced risk of colon cancer. The study suggests a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Some studies suggest a link between physical exercise and a lower risk of rectal and colon cancer. Exercise has also been shown to display a reduced risk of
ovarian cancer in certain studies. It's hard to confirm a definite link between fitness and cancer because so many factors are involved, but several studies have found several health benefits of staying in shape or starting an exercise routine. Additional studies have found a correlation between exercise and a reduced risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer.

Adopting a fitness routine may also be beneficial
following cancer treatment. There is significant evidence to suggest exercise may help prevent various types of cancer, but studies show a steady fitness routine may also help recovering cancer patients’ deal with the side effects of treatment. Cancer patients who have recovered may also benefit from regular exercise. Recent studies suggest a connection between regular exercise and a reduced chance of recurrence. General benefits of exercise include improved mood, increased self-confidence, reduced fatigue, lower risk of cardiovascular disease and reduced risk of diabetes. Patients should talk to their doctor before starting a regular exercise program.

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