Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 42

I had an interesting day yesterday at a visit with an alternative healer, It was very powerful, beautiful, profound and I will most definitely be returning. Also made my appointment with my new naturopath who was highly recommended from the healer's own family as well as herself, apparently this guy has worked miracles. Good thing I believe in miracles.
Yeah, my old naturopath was a quack selling snake oil I felt, wont be returning to Dr Kim to say the least.

More chemotherapy tomorrow. One last time for the nurses to take it out on my veins. Once for blood work when I arrive (small needle) then the damn capri sun straw that gets threaded into my vein for fluids and cisplatin and gemzar the two chemo drugs. Then I sit for about 4 hours letting the slow drip burn those little cancercells chrispy and dead while I play on my laptop or sleep or read or all of the above. Jeff usually brings me some super yummy vegan grub from The Blossoming Lotus. YUM!

I become a cyborg and get my little port installed somewhere around my collarboneish area. is a bulb type thing that has a little tube that feeds directly into my giant neck vein making taking blood and inserting and IV for chemo or any reason a cinch and absolutely pain free. That's what I like :) Does this mean I'm a Treky? Or did I even spell that right?

Last but definitely not least I wanted to take this moment to tell you all, every single one of you, just how much I love you all and how much it means to me that I have your support. That is the absolute greatest feeling in the entire world, to know that others are thinking about you and thinking good things. I love, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all my beautiful cards and I re-read them often and usually cry every time with all of the beautiful words that are contained inside. It is with your help that I am able to be so strong throughout this and I am appreciative beyond any words known to man as to how to adequately express my gratitude.

I love every one of you, you are all angels whether you think so or not.
Much love peace and light

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  1. San, I love you very much. Stay strong.
    I love the Shakti Gawain book and her visualization techniques are great! I hope you're having a great visit with your mom.