Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 57

The appointment with the naturopath went well today. I got uber informed about how I can keep myself healthy during chemotherapy (AWESOME!). My suspicions about myself limiting my diet too much were also correct THANK GOODNESS! I ate some chicken (all natural of course) today with rice, beans, lettuce, guac, salsa, onions and it tasted like heaven! Don't get me wrong I am not even about to run out there and buy myself a steak with a side of potato loaded with butter and sour cream and some cookies and milk for dessert, Oh No!!! I am going to eat some eggs every now and then, some meat (chicken or fish) every now and then and I am no longer afraid to cook my vegetables. I wasn't entirely sold on the whole "raw" deal anyway, it just didn't seem to sit on my stomach very well, literally, and I am so glad I get to eat warm food. I just think my body tolerates warm food much better than raw uncooked food. I'm not trying to knock the raw thing, in moderation it is alright for me. I just can't do the 100% raw thing.

I did not hear from the Mayo Clinic today but that is alright, it was a busy day. I will be calling them tomorrow.

9am, appointment with social security to see if I qualify for disability benefits. Keep fingers crossed!!

I get to visit the chemo lounge again tomorrow at 12:45. least I have this beautiful prayer/healing blanket that my awesome friend Lynee made for me. There are strings tied into it where people tie knots and say a prayer of healing for me. It is one of the most awesome gifts ever and I am sitting under it right now at this very moment while I type. Thank you Lynee and thank you to all my friends who put their energy and prayers into it. It is so comforting I want to have it with me all the time.

Speaking of beautiful gifts, check out this awesome watercolor that my friend and tattoo artist Jesse made for me. It is his rendetion of what my tattoo inspired in him. I love this and have the perfect spot in the living room all planned out to hang it. This way I get to see it all the time. Thank you Jesse! I love it and so does everyone else who has seen it.

The headache still wont go away...I bet that after chemo tomorrow I will be so jacked up on steroids that I wont feel it anymore. I guess that is one good thing about steroids, maybe I will have the energy to clean the house, put the dishes away and finish the laundry. Maybe. Or maybe I will sit on the sofa and rest or watch a movie. I like to play it as it comes that way I am not disappointed if I didn't get something done.

Much love to all of you wonderful people!

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  1. That prayer blanket is an awesome idea. . .and so thoughtful! Beautiful art too! Thanks so much for your amazing blogs. Glad you are eating more enjoyable food :) That must have taste devine after all the raw foods. . .hope it gives you the energy you need! Blessings to you today. . .and that you are deemed "disabled" today!