Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 44

I got up really early this morning to go to my 7:30 appointment to get my portacath thingy put in. The nurses and everyone at the hospital (Legacy Good Samaritan) are always as pleasant as pie and today was no exception. My mom and Jeff came and as we sat in the waiting area to be escorted to the SPO (special procedure ops) I met a lady named Laura and waved hello to my financial counselor Bryan.

We went in to the area where the nurses get you all prepped for surgery, met the doctor, joked around, was serious then he left me completely informed as to what was going to go on. Next a lady nicknamed Kiwi (it was obvious why) who was my anesthesiologist and also a complete RIOT informed first and foremost after telling me what her name was, that she had a cocktail waiting for me....HELLS YEAH! I said bring it on. She was so what I needed, we burned rubber around the corner and into the surgery room making a pit stop for a couple of warm blankets along the way, then she backed me into the new fancy surgery room, slid me over to the table, got me all comfy, gave me a blue bonnet, oogled my tattoo, had to scrub my neck twice because we spent too much time oogling and then she asked if I was ready for the cocktail. The next thing I remember is waking up while they were finishing up. A little freaky, and so I said "Hey, just so you guys know Im awake." and they said, "does it hurt can you feel anything?" and I said "no, but you wanna hear some jokes?" I launched into my 3 staple jokes, saving the best for last of course, and had them in stitches (pun intended). They will not soon forget me.

I got back to my recovery suite (yeah right) and Jeff and my mom were there waiting with Naked Orange Juice in hand. My boyfriend is just simply THE BEST EVER! I ate some lunch, harassed some nurses, got my clothes back on and was escorted to the front of the building where the valet had just pulled our car around. For going in to get cut up not too bad huh?

Ever since yesterday at chemo the steroid has had me pretty amped up. Had trouble sleeping last night. Amped up all morning this morning, but coming down finally. I am getting ready to go into a type of hibernation pretty soon. Maybe watch some movies (maybe even the ones on the inside of my eyelids) who knows.....hard tellin' not knowin'

So, I am getting Chemo Brain pretty bad lately, but in some sadistic odd way it is kind of fun to be able to have an excuse for being spacey. I am usually not spacey so it is like having an alter ego or something, or an evil twin. Needless to say, it is impossible to focus on any thing at all, and multitasking, FORGET ABOUT IT, just can't happen. Homework, what homework?

Ok, that is my story for tonight. Gonna go eat some coconut bliss ice cream, vanilla flavor with some fresh berries and blueberry agave syrup. Have a great night everyone and lot of love, peace and light to you all and as usual


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